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Let us take the strain so you can take it easy on any one of our fantastic tours, showcasing the beauty and tranquility that is Scotland. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride, we’ll take care of everything for you.

For those who have never toured Scotland with us before, this is what you can expect from your Highland Heritage holiday.
Having selected the tour that departs from your nearest pick-up point on the date you wish to travel, all you have to do is board the transfer coach and sit back and enjoy the ride. From that point onwards, we’ll take care of everything for you. Every day you can look forward to a wonderful excursion. The coach departs promptly after breakfast and proceeds to the first port of call for morning coffee. This is usually a place of interest, but may simply be a comfort break on a longer journey – to Edinburgh, for instance. At the lunchtime stop, the driver will tell you about the place you’re about to visit, including any entry costs, and at what time the coach will leave for the afternoon sightseeing tour. On returning to the hotel (usually two hours before dinner) you have plenty of time to get ready for dinner and go for a leisurely pre-dinner drink. Everyone gathers in the dining room just before 7.00pm, when dinner is served. We pride ourselves on efficient service so that everyone can be in the lounge for coffee in good time for the evening’s entertainment, which starts at 8.30pm every night.
On every tour except Christmas, Twixmas and New Year we run a very special Highland Day which is held in either Oban or Fort William. This gives us the opportunity to give you the very, very best of Highland music, piping, singing, dancing & story telling. Our band is called Skipinnish and only the best perform with Angus! The concert normally starts at 2pm and closes at 4pm, but may be scheduled slightly earlier in the day in the early and late season.
When the time comes for you to leave, we recommend packing the night before so that your case is fully labelled and ready for collection first thing in the morning.