Coach Captains and Coach Comforts

All our Courier-Drivers are selected and retained for above all their record of safe driving, and ability to conduct a large group of people round the winding mountain roads and through the towns and cities where they come from.

The people behind the wheel

All Muthu Highland Heritage drivers have an impeccable record of safe driving and many years experience of conducting large groups round Scotland’s mountain roads and through its cities, towns and villages.

Highland Heritage driver Highland Heritage driver

Our drivers are our ambassadors and your Coach Captains. Their knowledge of the many places our tours visit is formidable and their rapport with each and every customer is second to none. Every year they complete refresher courses, enhancing their understanding of local histories, facts and new information to impart to you, their passengers.

Our drivers undergo an annual driving performance review and a medical examination every year. It’s that thorough approach which makes them so good.

Travel in ultimate comfort

Coach in the clouds

Our modern VanHool super-coaches are blessed with air-conditioning and all the comforts for leisurely travel. The sumptuous seats in our latest coaches are 3" further apart than previous models, ensuring you maximum comfort. The coaches are powered by superbly efficient and low emissions Volvo diesel engines driving through semi-automatic gearboxes. The suspension is electronically controlled in all directions giving an extraordinarily smooth ride wherever you sit.

Muthu Highland Heritage coaches are closely monitored at all times by a satellite tracking system. This helps with the efficient deployment & management of the vehicle at all times. And our coach tours are the greenest around. Our efficient vehicles can take one person 600 miles on just one gallon of diesel - now that is a small carbon footprint.