The Royal Hotel, Tyndrum, Coach Tour Holidays Scotland

RUNNER-UP - Mr A Smithson

Outstanding essay from Mr A Smithson from South Shields, our runner-up who wins a coach tour holiday for two to the Scottish Highlands. A wonderful essay about his experiences as a lone traveller to the Scottish Highlands, he now books up with Susan and Wendy every year, braw!!!



I heard the sound of my letterbox open and close as I sat in my living room.  “The postman’s early,” I thought, as I continued to read my book.  Later I went to see what was lying on the floor at my front door.  To my surprise there lay an advertisement for Muthu Highland Heritage holidays.  Someone had posted it through my letterbox, but it was not meant for me.  My door number was scribbled on it and said “To Fred”.  That is how I was introduced to Muthu Highland Heritage.

Although I had never been to the highlands of Scotland, this presented me with the perfect opportunity to do so.  I am so glad I did.

After reading the advert, I chose the holiday I wanted and booked it.  The person I phoned was friendly, enthusiastic and answered any questions I had.  First impressions count a lot.

The journey to Tyndrum was wonderful.  I was picked up in my home town by coach and in a short while transferred to the Muthu Highland Heritage coach for the rest of the journey.  The coach was very comfortable, quiet and had plenty of leg room.  I arrived at the Royal Hotel in Tyndrum excited after my journey.  I was excited because I had my first taste of the exquisite, beautiful sight of the wonderful highland scenery.  This was complemented by the very informative driver, giving us historical and, at times, funny stories of the highlands.

My hotel room was large, very comfortable and had all the amenities I needed for my stay.  The rest of the hotel filled me with delight as did the friendly staff who catered for my every need.  Each night there was first class entertainment to relax to after a full day’s excursion.

The trips were breath taking with the scenery and places we visited.  They had been carefully planned and varied by the Muthu Highland Heritage team.  The driver gave a full account of where we were going and entertained us with anecdotes about the places we visited.

No holiday would be complete, of course, if we, the holidaymakers, did not get along with each other.  Being on my own this was a concern.  I need not have worried.  Every Muthu Highland Heritage holiday I have been on, the other guests have been great.  In fact I have made two really good friends, Susan and Wendy.  We book the same holiday every year so that we can meet up and enjoy the trip together.  I have not heard of any other holiday company boast of this.

The concert with Skipinnish is a must attend event.  It gives a true flavour of highland life and music.

What more can you ask for? A beautiful part of Scotland, four wonderful hotels, attentive staff, relaxing coaches, excursions to die for, all meals and entertainment included at a very affordable price.  I will be going on many more holidays with Muthu Highland Heritage in the coming years!