Highland Heritage Tours to Glamis Castle Scotland

RUNNER-UP - Mrs Hazel J E McMinn

Fantastic essay Mrs Hazel J E McMinn from Antrim, our runner-up who wins a coach tour holiday for two to the Scottish Highlands. We particularly loved the story about your plant, we hope you all love reading this great essay, well done Hazel!



From our hotel’s pleasant situation there were several interesting walks, especially down the little road opposite, past the cute gift shop and the quaint and unique church with its historic graveyard, over the bridge spanning the stony-banked river, meandering forever onwards to the sea.  Around each curve of the road, new sights and sounds, all the while enjoying the freshness of the pure highland air, and eventually returning to the welcoming homeliness of Muthu Dalmally Hotel.

I recall especially our trip to Glamis Castle, the historic and strangely beautiful family home of the late Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth where, I believe, her daughters Elizabeth , now our beloved Queen, and Margaret were born.

To be able to view the noble rooms and admire the artefacts in this special place that was home to Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons was an amazing privilege.  A walk in the historic gardens and refreshments in the charming tea-room completed our visit, and inspired by the wonder of it all, we wound our way through the beautiful countryside back “home” to Muthu Dalmally Hotel.

Having spent a week or so there, we prepared to embark on our homeward journey – restored, refreshed, entertained and each of us bearing a very special gift from the Head Gardener and his staff – a pretty little Oxalis plant with dark purple leaves and dainty little pale violet flowers, which even now, all these years later, sits happily in my kitchen window and reminds me daily of that memorable trip to Dalmally and Glamis Castle.