Ian Cleaver, MD Highland Heritage with Andy Scott, Kelpies designer


Ian Cleaver (Head Gardener) with Andy Scott - Images by Ian Cleaver Highland Heritage Ltd


Meet the Kelpies Man... Andy Scott

I recently had the great fortune to meet the famous sculptor, Andy Scott, who created “The Kelpies” – the iconic horses’ heads which adorn the Forth & Clyde Canal at Falkirk.  These world famous steel sculptures are 30 meters high and weigh 300 tonnes each - a magnificent sight!

This all came about after he saw his creation on the front page of my Annual Muthu Highland Heritage Brochure and a fortunate string of coincidences involving my daughter and her friend who is a leading light in the arts world.

We arrived at Andy’s workshop in Glasgow and met the man himself with a hammer in one hand and a welding torch in the other. He gave us a wonderful tour, explaining how his sculptures develop from conception to the finished product. He works alone and has several commissions in progress – all are equine works.  I was particularly struck by a larger than life horse which is destined to adorn the entrance to a Yorkshire estate!

There are hundreds of parts to these sculptures, all shaped up then welded to a wire framework.  How he captures the timeless expression on a horse’s face completely baffles me, but he does it every time.  I was brought up with Clydesdale horses and Stag ponies and it was like returning to my childhood seeing those quite wonderful creations. He has designed and built several huge sculptures and has clients lining up across the world. The intricate design and construction of The Kelpies took up 10 years of his life!!

Andy has been awarded a well-deserved Honorary Doctorate by Glasgow University, and this hangs proudly at the entrance to his office. A remarkable young man indeed!

Watch the Kelpies time lapse Video here


The Kelpies, falkirk

The Kelpies Helix Park


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