Yes Indeed! Gold at last! The Cononish Gold Mine has at last produced some real gold and I had the pleasure of being at the first production process which took place at the Mine at the head of Cononish Glen on the 3rd August.

Paparazzi in the rain at Cononish Gold Mine, Scotland

Paparazzi in the rain 

As you know, this has been a great dream for successive mine owners over the last twenty or so years. The owners have surveyed the local area in great detail and have found deposits of Gold & Silver across Cononish Glen and all the way to Glen Orchy.  There are also deposits of rare metals but the concentrations have been fairly low. Now with the Gold price in the $1300/$1400 dollar area and technology moving on, it looks really promising.

I said a couple of years ago you should never bet the farm on a gold mine!! And the price of the shares have fluctuated wildly causing a few heart flutters locally!! But not me!!

Here is a picture taken on the 3rd August at the mine – So it really is the real deal.

This will transform the local area and bring work & prosperity to many, and is a huge bonus on top of the impending billion pound Cruachan Hydro scheme!! The environmental bonus is that these projects are unseen.

The mine is in a really remote glen about 3 miles from Tyndrum, so you will have to walk up on a free day if you want some plunder!!

Cononish Mine manager explains the process

 Cononish Mine - first Gold in Process

Local MP at Cononish Mine, Scotland

 Local MP pontificates

John Burton & Son owns the Farm at Cononish Mine

John Burton & Son owns the Farm


Gold and Ore from Cononish Mine

Gold and Ore from Cononish Mine

Cononish mine manager explains the gold extraction process.

Cononish mine manager explains the gold extraction process.

Real gold from cononish mine scotland

Managers Presentation

Cononish gold mine panning process 

Gold panning process