Wild Haggis Spotted in the Scottish Highlands

old woman screaming after seeing Haggis on a Scottish Mountain

The sighting occurred whilst out walking around Ben Lui, video evidence taken by Ilea Stills confirms it is indeed a Wild Hairy Haggis

A Muthu Highland Heritage tourist discovered more of Scotland than they expected while videoing Ben Lui, when they spotted the elusive Wild Haggis! You would be forgiven for thinking that haggis was something that you only ever spotted on your plate, but in fact the Wild Haggis is a small, rough-haired creature native to the Scottish Highlands and is widely regarded as a myth due to it rarely being seen.

One of the most notable features of the Wild Haggis is that the legs on one side of the animal’s body are longer than those on the other due to an evolutionary adaptation to living on the steep sides of Scottish mountains such as Ben Lui. With the last reported sighting being over 50 years ago by an elderly farmer, highland tourist Ilea Stills could not believe her eyes when she saw the small hairy creature whilst walking on Ben Lui.

Ilea said: “I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, I had heard the stories about Wild Haggis but never dreamed I would actually get to see one, I’m still in disbelief it was just stood in front of me staring at me before it darted off down the side of the mountain.” Hundreds of tourists descend on the Scottish Highlands each year to take in the beautiful scenery and with the hope of spotting the shy creature, but none have been as lucky as Ilea.

News of the latest sighting has spread fast, it has been a prominent story in the local newspapers and on the local news and has caused a frenzy on social media, even trending on Twitter. This latest sighting will hopefully finally put those myth rumours to bed, as the Wild Haggis is very much alive and living in the Highlands.

Live video footage showing the hairy beast can be viewed here


Utube video showing footage of Wild Highland Haggis