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Edinburgh is renowned for its picturesque beauty the world over, as every year millions of tourists visit the inspiring capital city of Scotland to explore the visual delights on offer. From its rolling hills and stunning scenery to the striking architecture this city is fast becoming defined by its cultural elegance. Perhaps the most interesting of attractions is the world famous Edinburgh Castle, voted top UK Heritage Attraction in the British Travel Awards. In this article we take a look at the complex history surrounding this famous Scottish castle, as well as the best places to stop on your travels:  

Edinburgh Castle

With so many famous buildings and structures to explore, including the Scott Monument and depending on your tastes, Scottish Parliament, the city is a dream for anyone interested in architecture. But no visit to Edinburgh would be complete without a trip to Edinburgh Castle, with panoramic views of the city and the surrounding countryside in every direction. No matter where you are standing in the castle there will be a view worth the climb. Whether it’s the highest point of the castle, overlooking the surrounding landscape, or the lower levels, where on a clear day you can see the mountains of the Kingdom of Fife, visitors are delighted by what they see.

Edinburgh Castle stands on a bed of volcanic rock, formed of 350 million year old molten lava, and moulded into shape to lay the foundations for this imposing structure. The shoulder of the Royal Mile runs down the east side of the castle and was formed when the whole of Scotland was covered by a layer of ice; to this day it remains the most besieged castle in the UK. Over the years the castle has played host to royal ceremonies, lavish feasts, savage battles, the birth of kings and queens, and the death of many. The mind of its visitors involuntarily runs back over the footsteps of time to consider what influential events these walls have witnessed. It is a curious thought, and one that has inspired millions of tourists to visit this Scottish castle.

What to see

You’re better off asking what not to see! Edinburgh spoils its tourists with a wealth of attractions for the explorer in us all, including amazing views, secret gardens and stunning architectural details to be discovered everywhere you look. But it has far more to offer than just history alone. The city has a diverse range of ultra-modern buildings and an exuberant culture to complement its architecture, with twee cafes serving afternoon tea to passers-by and some of the most acclaimed restaurants in the UK – you can dine in style as you watch the world go by. What’s more, the city can be explored on foot. With so many attractions within walking distance of the next, there’s no better way to lap up your surroundings.

It’s also worth booking your trip in advance to tie in with your favourite Edinburgh festival. This beautiful capital is known throughout the world as the Festival City. It’s not just one spectacular festival that has given the city this title; instead, tourists come to Edinburgh every year to experience a taste of something new. In August alone, there are six different festivals running at the same time including the Comedy Festival – so there’s plenty to smile about too.

Few other cities could compete with the pace Edinburgh continues to evolve at. It has introduced guided tours around famous landmarks, where you can take in the architecture and dramatic histories. The city is a fabulous place to visit for tourists no matter what the time of year – book a tour of Edinburgh in the comfort of our luxurious coaches and explore the Scottish countryside.   

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